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Manage your performance and easily make changes based on Deliveroo insights.

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Attract customers

Customise your restaurant profile, update your menu and promote your brand

Build loyalty

Build loyalty

Deliver a smooth service and keep customers coming back for more


Save time

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What you can do in Restaurant Hub

Monitor what's going on and easily make changes to help grow your Deliveroo business.

Menu managing changes

Manage your menu & create promotions

  • Update your menu, add images and tell customers when an item is unavailable using Menu Manager.
  • Promote your brand in-app and create special offers targeted at the customers that matter most to your business with Marketer.
Customer and chef feedback

Track your sales & customer happiness

  • Track orders and keep an eye on your prep times too, so you can deliver unforgettable customer experiences.
  • See which dishes your customers love, check reviews and keep them coming back for more.
Customer and chef feedback
Bar graph insights

Get support & insights

  • Understand your customers and your business better by tapping into insights and data in Hub.
  • Search our Help Center or contact us directly in Restaurant Hub when you need assistance.

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Tom McDermott from Sprigg
Craft Burger
Dirty Wild Wings Chicken
Fat Burgers burger
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We got our menu and photos online really easily, and I can update it myself with new photos whenever I need to using Menu Manager.

Getting our menu right has also helped us to minimise our food waste - something that’s really important to us.

Tom McDermott, Sprigg

I’m not always on site, so I check my Live Orders a few times a day on my phone. Seeing incoming orders helps me to keep tabs on how busy my restaurant is.

When lots of orders coming in, I know, so I can run over to my site to help out.

Karman, Craft Burger

Hub’s Menu Manager makes it easy to stand out. We use our menu to show customers what makes us different, like descriptions that explain the care that goes into our food.

We use Menu Manager to experiment with new dishes too. Adding a new item, uploading a photo and seeing how customers respond to it.

Denisa, Dirty Wild Wings

I check my sales overview daily and I’ve seen quick changes in my sales from small menu changes. If I notice my sales are down I like to try menu tweaks like updating item names or adding new photos.

Tanny, Fat Burgers

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Frequently asked questions

We'll email you when your Restaurant Hub account is set up and send you your login details. You can access Restaurant Hub with any device that has an internet connection.

Just go to the log in page and enter your details.

If you can't remember your password, click 'Forgot your password?'. Enter your email address and we'll send you a reset link.

Menu Manager lets you manage and update your Deliveroo menu(s) instantly.

Just log in to Restaurant Hub and click on 'Menus' to access the Menu Manager tool.

You can add new items, categories and options to your menu, edit item descriptions, and upload photos too. Read our step-by-step guide to using Menu Manager in Restaurant Hub.

Marketer is our free promotional tool. You can use it to create customer offers on your menu and advertise your restaurant on Deliveroo.

To use Marketer, log in to Restaurant Hub and click on 'Marketer' in the sidebar.

Read our guide to creating customer promotions with Marketer.

For real-time data on your orders and sales, log in to Restaurant Hub.

Click on 'Live Orders' in the sidebar to see current orders and stock levels.

Click on 'Sales' in the sidebar and select a date to see a record of all orders made that day, and their value.

You can also view and export data on items sold and view front of house reports.

You'll need to log in to Restaurant Hub and click on 'Invoices' in the sidebar.

You can view and download all your invoices and payment statements.

At the top of the 'Invoices' page you will also find a link to our Payment Guide, so you can learn how Deliveroo payments work and how to understand your invoices.