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Track every order

Create a seamless customer experience

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Save time

Manage your Deliveroo business anywhere, anytime

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Get insights

Track your sales and ratings to grow your brand

Our state of the art technology

Your tablet

Check order details, track the status of a rider and view pick up times in a few taps.

Our dedicated all-in-one tablet and printer helps you manage your Deliveroo orders more easily.

Our algorithm

Every order on Deliveroo is powered by our predictive algorithm, ‘Frank’.

Frank works out the most efficient way to deliver orders, based on the location of restaurants, riders and customers.

Partner Hub

Hub has all the tools and insights you need to deliver a great customer experience.

From updating your menu, to checking sales and ratings, you can manage your business anywhere, on any device - and get help if you need it.

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Point of Sale integration

Connect your Deliveroo menu to your Point of Sale (POS) system and automatically receive orders through your till.

Staff won’t have to manually enter orders into the till and your stock levels can be updated in real time.

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Getting your Deliveroo orders

Whether you use a Deliveroo tablet or your own device, our algorithm ‘Frank’ keeps things running smoothly. Using realtime info Frank calculates your prep time, so riders arrive at just the right time.

Your own device

Your own device

Deliveroo device

Deliveroo device

  • Use your own device to take orders - we recommend a laptop or tablet
  • Connect to your own printer
  • Access Partner Hub
Deliveroo device

Deliveroo device

  • View and print your orders using our wireless device with built-in printer
  • Easy to use - no additional kit required
  • Connect your POS system
  • Access Partner Hub

Frequently asked questions

Most of our partners choose to use Deliveroo’s all-in-one tablet and printer solution. It’s fast, easy to use, and we have a dedicated support team for any technical issues.

If you choose Basic set up you can use your own device (we recommend using a laptop or tablet).

The cost of one of Deliveroo’s Sunmi devices is included in the one-off joining fee, when you opt for Standard set up.

Our searchable Help Center has detailed instructions for setting up and using your Deliveroo tablet, and troubleshooting guides if you have a problem.

We also have a dedicated tablet team to help with maintenance and repairs.

Partner Hub has all the tools and insights you need as a Deliveroo partner in one place.

You can access your orders, invoices and also contact the support team by logging in to Hub.

Learn more about Hub

Many partners choose to integrate with Deliveroo’s API for ease and simplicity.

If your POS is integrated, this means orders flow directly from the Deliveroo app into your till.

Existing partners can request POS integration using this form.

Prep time is our term for how long it takes restaurants to get an order ready for pickup by a rider. We use prep time to calculate the estimated order duration (EOD) we show to customers on Deliveroo.

When you first set up Deliveroo you have to set your prep time for quiet, moderate and busy periods. We use these numbers as a baseline to train our algorithm.

Once you start delivering orders, we’ll use machine learning to set more accurate prep times. Our algorithm learns from your restaurant’s order information over the last 14 days.

Learn more about prep times and our algorithm.