Marketing and Promotions

Reach new, local customers with our marketing and promote your business in a couple of clicks

Marketing and Promotions

Reach new, local customers with our marketing and promote your business in a couple of clicks

Helping your business to grow

Deliveroo marketing

We promote you to local customers through the app.

For no additional cost you can also be featured in regular email marketing communications and social media advertising, we optimise your visibility on Google too.

Reach new customers

There's no 'typical' Deliveroo customer.

We're constantly growing our app users, bringing you Delivery orders all day long. Switch on Pickup and bring the same customers to your restaurant door.

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Service please!

Turn Wednesdays into Wild Wednesdays by switching on a 'happy hour' deal.

Our partners use Marketer to speed up slow days, creating loyal customers with regular or one-off deals.

What is Marketer?

Marketer is a tool our partners can use to attract customers looking for deals and the best value for money.

Promote your restaurant and implement marketing strategies by creating offers for specific menu items or your whole menu, and set a minimum spend.

Whoever you want to reach, you’ll get valuable insights from every offer. From sales data and how many new customers you've gained, to how many people saw your menu.

Success with Marketer offers

Trusted by restaurants and takeaways all over the world

Tim Vlassis, The Athenian
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“We’ve been on Marketer since it first launched, and from our very early stages we saw massive increases in traffic. The first offer we did for 30% off, we saw a 110% increase.

Every time we use Marketer on average we will see about a 50% increase in order volumes and the amazing thing is that actually, most of the customers then stay to continue buying from the Athenian.”

Tim Vlassis, The Athenian

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+50% more total orders


More total orders

+60% more new customer orders


More new customer orders

+8% existing customer order increase


Existing customer order increase

Global averages on offers of at least 20%, for 1 week or more, as of June 2020

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Frequently asked questions

Deliveroo Plus is our monthly subscription service for customers, giving them free delivery on all orders.

Compared to other regular customers, Plus customers typically order twice as often and spend twice as much over the course of one month. This means they’re a great option to target with offers.

Regular offers run at specific times of day and/or certain days of the week. Repeating offers regularly is a great way to grow your orders and reward loyal customers.

You’ll set a start and end date, or a time period on an annual basis e.g. a regular ‘happy hour’ from 4 to 5 pm, through the winter holidays.

It isn’t possible to schedule or create new offers, during the time your regular offer is scheduled for.

Marketer is free to use – you simply cover the cost of the discount against the total value of a customer's order, and we’ll also take commission on the order.

We regularly run advertising and marketing campaigns using Marketer offers, that you can participate in.

We’ll tell you about upcoming campaigns via email or in Partner Hub notifications.

Taking part in campaigns is a great way to make your restaurant more visible, increase orders and find new customers.

When you create your offer, choose which restaurant site or sites you’d like your offer to be available for using Partner Hub. You can create offers at different sites, running at the same time.

Customers will only be able to see the offer at the sites you’ve selected.