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Let us find and negotiate with suppliers, and pass the savings straight on to you. It’s free for our restaurant partners, with no mark-ups or hidden fees.

How it works

  • Chef outside of a restaurant

    You tell us what you’re looking for

    We’ll use your priorities (from service to price and quality) to match you with suppliers.

  • Ingredients

    We get you the best ingredients for the best price

    We’ll track down the right supplier and use our size to get you the best deal.

  • Chef tasting food

    We manage the transition

    We’ll introduce you, arrange some free samples and manage the changeover with your existing supplier.

Plates of sushi
Chef making pizza
Tasty Poke

“This has improved our whole procurement process, making it easier and cheaper to get the ingredients we need. With food prices on the rise, Deliveroo's Food Procurement Programme has been vital in helping us keep a lid on our overheads.”

Country Manager, SUSHI SHOP UK

“I was always hesitant to reveal my pricing as I thought I had the best deal ever. Working with Fadel at Deliveroo Food Procurement saved me almost 35% on some premium meats and around 15%-20% on Vegetables. The procurement team is very hands on: Fadel is always following up with the supplier to ensure they meet all the requirements and has great negotiation skills which are very impressive. I will definitely recommend any partner to go through this exercise!”

From the Cofounder of PINZA in the UAE

“In a few words, Deliveroo has accomplished and exceeded the expectation we had for the project, I wish this project keeps growing and little by little all the suppliers and products required by any restaurant, are supplied by this amazing project.”

From the MD of TASTY POKE in Spain

“We both come from totally different working environments and we used to work with several suppliers for each product category. Thanks to Procurement we managed to gather all our purchasing in very few providers. Also, for the first time, we can avoid traveling to get the products since now we are delivered on time for every product we need!”

From the founders of POKE ME in France

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Tasty Poke

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