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Raven + Co

Available in London

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Exclusive restaurant will gain access to discounts off rental fees and premium fees. Fill out the form below to register your interest and Raven + Co will be in touch with a quote.

Raven + Co

Raven + Co can help you find cafes, restaurants and bars in locations across the UK.

They listen to what you want from a property to bring you a shortlist. They've done this for almost a decade, in every major city, in the best spots – representing both established and start-up businesses, they know their stuff.

A property is your vehicle for success, so making sure you find the right one is critical to establishing your foothold in the market. And Raven + Co are on hand for just that. Finding an agent who understands your business motives, as well as giving fair and honest advice, can be hard to come by.

Partnering with the small, but really experienced Raven + Co means they can guide you through the process of finding your next property.

Key benefits

  • Experienced and professional advice
  • Access to opportunities, including off-market deals
  • Network of trusted property service providers