Music services

Creating the right atmosphere for your dine-in customers can have a huge impact on their experience, dwell time, and increase the chances of them coming back.

Research shows that playing the right soundtrack can help influence conversion in-store, up-sell products and increase loyalty. So we wanted to team up with a music provider that can hit all the right notes and deliver an awesome experience.


UK Wide

Make the most of our best in market rates. Below are two pricing brackets, depending on whether you're an exclusive partner.

Exclusive Restaurant

14 day FREE trial plus thereafter 15% off AND a free player usually worth £75

Non-Exclusive Restaurant

14 day FREE trail plus thereafter 5% off monthly payments


Ambie is an efficient and simple way to manage your background music

By combining smart technology with music experts, Ambie handpicks the right music to match your restaurant’s brand and trading patterns — increasing customer traffic, dwell-time and spend.

Through the Ambie Player, your music is delivered seamlessly across any number of locations – so you can monitor, adjust and give feedback on what’s playing, from any device.

Their unique algorithm constantly updates your music to get rid of repeats, plus you get access to unlimited new playlist requests, for special events or seasonal promotions.

With Ambie, you can have sound that's as distinct as your menu.

Useful Stats

  •  “35% of people surveyed said that if music they appreciate is played in a public place, it can make them stay longer.”
  •  "45% of people said it’s important or very important that background music matches the profile or brand of a restaurant."
  •  "41% of people said they would react negatively or very negatively to silence"

“Partnering with Ambie has had a hugely positive impact on our business beyond our expectations. Our customers congratulate us for our music, stay longer and spend more and our staff deliver a better service. It is a pleasure to work with a company constantly grinding to get the sound to an even better level.”